The father of full spectrum lighting, .a.k.a Dr John Ott, was also a photobiologist and pioneer in natural daylight research. His relentless passion fueled a 40 year quest to create light that was best for our vision and well being. One that used the entire visible spectrum of light wavelengths. And by seeing better and feeling better, people could then do what they love longer. It all led to the very first natural daylight lamp. A technology that miraculously brought the power of natural daylight indoors.

How does someone like Dr. Ott come to explore the benefits of natural daylight you ask? In part, it’s thanks to a man you may have heard of named Walt Disney. You see, in addition to being known as the father of full spectrum lighting, Dr. Ott was also known as the father of time lapse photography. And because of this, he was asked by the Walt Disney Company to film the entire growth of a pumpkin for Disney animators to draw the transformation of Cinderella’s pumpkin into a carriage. Ah, but here’s the catch. Filming had to take place indoors. Well the plants grew alright. Until they died. That’s when he decided to change things up. The lighting to be exact. After several experiments, Dr. Ott was able to provide the proper range of light wavelengths and the pumpkins grew. And so the foundation was laid for the house that would later become known as OttLite.

Where did all this history lead? To our exclusive technology.

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